Finally a long overdue update!

I’m really stoked about the prospects of finally getting to play some music this summer. So far, all of the live dates posted are outdoor events.

Throughout the pandemic we have played online shows and are grateful to all who have joined in the fun. It certainly was a different way to meet but all the same, it seemed like a lifeline. At the request of friends & fans in far-flung places we will continue doing an occasional tunes from home online. If you would like us to send you a link to join our next one, just send Lara or myself your email address. (see next online event below)

May 29 – October 19, 2021: We’re so excited to return to Devonfield Inn in Lee, MA for their 2021 outdoor music series! Bring a chair and enjoy free music on the inn’s gorgeous grounds. LIMITED SEATING. Reservations required. Please call (413) 243-3298 or email Social distancing required. Face coverings required for use of indoor public restroom. Address: 85 Stockbridge Rd, Lee, MA (See dates below)

Saturday, May 15, 2021, 8:00 – 9:00 pm ET. ONLINE: Tunes from Home with Lara Tupper. Join us live on Zoom for a mix of Bobby’s originals and our favorite guitar/harmony (guitarmony?) tunes. If you’d like to receive the concert link, please SEND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS by email or FB private message. (See CONTACT tab on this site.) We can’t wait to connect with you! (Optional tip jar.)