Bobby Sweet performingwhat are people saying….

About Days Roll By:
“As to Bobby’s music and lyrics the word that comes to mind is honesty, not only in it’s subject matter, but in the way the lyrics are written. It takes a far better songwriter to bypass ‘clever’. Still, make no mistake, these are highly polished and professional lyrics. The music is wonderfully attractive and inviting, production crisp, smart and organic…. never over OR under produced. As a guitar player myself, I love Bobby’s playing… very melodic, in fact perfectly so whether he’s playing an electric solo or beautifully fingerpicking on an acoustic. I think Bobby brought all these elements together masterfully with his newest record Days Roll By. He’s really hit his stride with this collection.” Richard Bennett

Producer: Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Marty Stuart
Session Guitarist: Kim Karnes, Everly Brothers. Rodney Crowell, Waylon Jennings, Trisha Yearwood, Ringo Star, Mark Knopfler, Barbara Sreisand
Currently touring with Mark Knopfler

…………..“Bobby Sweet has long been the Berkshire’s best and most popular singer-songwriter.” Roger Houston- Chronogram

“The county’s next generation of musical geniuses” Amanda Gordon- The New York Sun

“Perhaps the Berkshires’ finest singer-songwriter working today.” Dave Madeloni- The Berkshire Eagle

“A rare combination of music-maker, story-teller, and outstanding performer … Sweet it is”. The Country Journal

…a collection of songs sung with heart, showing intimate moments and colorful pictures…somewhere between a countrified Bruce Springsteen and Lyle Lovett. 
Raul J. Tejeiro-
Top Country Hits, Uruguay

Great songs, impressive lyrics and a fantastic singer. We are sure the listeners will love this production. Andrea Stolle-RTW (Radio Teutoburger Wald), Germany

…a gifted artist, both in the departments of composition and performance…..a very fine voice and guitar technique……be sure I shall play more from this album in my next programs…a wonderful album. Massimo Ferro- Radio Voce Spazio, Alessandria, Italy

I seldom listen to anything even remotely ‘country’ but this is a different CD. The way that Bobby Sweet plays and the way he puts together words and images I feel that he is sharing more than just a song…he is sharing a past, a feeling, a want and a love of life. Bobby sings in a way that makes you feel that you know him. He stirs memories and puts salve on hurts. I await his new CD and know that the voice and the music will brighten my day.
S. Tucker- Fan

“Though he takes pride in his accomplishments, his resume is not what’s important to this talented singer/songwriter. He remains faithful to the basic elements that fuel all human beings. Heavily influenced by family, friends, and community, Bobby is loyal to love and camaraderie. “Hope’s Cafe” reminds its listeners, through music and lyric, of those basic human emotions many people do not stop to think about. It speaks from a place that is happy, sad, melancholic, bittersweet, and always tender, while Bobby’s gently and yet powerful voice sings of companionship, joy, love, loneliness, and a reverence for the past.

We had a wonderful conversation about his musical past, present, and many possible futures, as well as “Hope’s Cafe.” We talked about his devotion to making music, and how this devotion has integrated itself with every aspect of his life. Bobby’s art and his way of living are intertwined. He lives to make music, and the music itself has given him the ability and cause to live as he does, through a sensitivity to himself, and the ways of the people who surround him.”
Julianna Spallholz, The Artful Mind
“…an outstanding guitarist.”
Dirty Linen

“… a compelling vocalist.” 
Seth Rogovoy, The Berkshire Eagle

” I had the opportunity to interview some of the most talented performers in New England. Bobby Sweet appeared on Radio Free Berkshires several times, and it was always a very special experience. He possesses a rare combination of innate musical sense and songwriting craftiness. Add to this a natural audience rapport and a defiantly uncharacterizeable style (though, if pinned, he might agree to being somewhat alt-country) and you have a compelling and enjoyable musical package. Plus, he’s funny; I think he may be a reincarnated pirate! The program was interactive, and Bobby’s appearances always lit up the chat rooms as people at first caught a sound or two, then they would snap into focus on what was coming out of their speakers. My co-host, Chuck White and I thought Hope’s Cafe was one of the best releases I heard all year, let alone from a “regional” performer. I expect big things out of Mr. Sweet and I hope he’ll still appear on my show after the rest of the world catches on to what he is doing!” 
Sean Callaghan, Host, Radio Free Berkshires,
LIVE-105, WBEC-FM, Pittsfield, MA

…talented voice and songwriting….real life stories…. Hope’s Cafe is mighty stuff!Joe Vincent at JRRI- Waterford, Ireland

`Hope’s Cafe……..a collection of finely crafted songs written and performed by Bobby Sweet. The production and musicianship on this album is excellent and a welcome addition to our playlists. Joy Adams-The Rock ‘n’ Country Show, Hamilton, New Zealand
“Bobby Sweet and his CD ‘Hope’s Cafe’ stand out as a shining gem in amongst the very talented singer/songwriters…” 
Fred Schane WSBS , Great Barrington